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- About Our Tea Bouquets -

The Tea Bouquet Vision

We started Tea Bouquet Gifts with the goal of connecting people with those they care about.  We offer gifts that are unique and sentimental that will appeal to the tea lover in your life.  We hope your gift recipient will feel special and your gift will help you grow closer through the experience.

The Tea Bouquet Experience

Whether down the street or across the country the a delivery of a personalized tea bouquet with handwritten note will make someone's day. The experience of drinking tea is embodied by flavors, aromas, colors, and textures.  These beautiful tea gifts will remind your loved one of times you have shared a cup of tea together. We hope you will create new memories that are just as special as the old ones that we carry around in our minds and remember in moments of quiet. 


Thoughtful Attention to Detail

Each tea bouquet is created to order by a tea florist. Using your chosen flavors and brands as the centerpiece, the florist will design and arrange the tea in a visually appealing way for the mug and teas selected. The presentation of your gift will be thoughtfully considered and artfully prepared.   


Committed to Quality

Mugs and Cups:

When selecting a mug or cup for a tea bouquet our goal is to choose something that has lasting quality. This is the lasting part of the bouquet we hope will become a treasured gift used for years to come. Of course we also seek to offer mugs and cups that have a pleasing aesthetic look that brings joy to the recipient. The quality of materials, design of the handle, weight of the mug or cup, ease and comfort of sipping, visual appeal and comfort in your hand are some of the many quality factors that we consider when selecting a mug or cup.

Tea Flavors:

We seek to provide a variety of quality herbal, green, and black teas to choose from in our bouquets. We know important flavorful tea is to our customers. The impact visually as well as the taste and smell are sure to please your gift recipient and appeal to their individual tastes.   

Tea Brands:

Reputation of the brand, variety and selection of teas, and popularity with our customers are all considered when choosing specific brands for our one of a kind tea bouquets.  This is important because of the trust that you place in us to provide a memorable tea bouquet that is up to your standards.


Our tea bouquets and gifts are more than just mugs, cups, tea, handwritten notes, or the occasional tasty treat.  The tissue paper, packing materials, stems, and bouquet base are central to the presentation of the tea gift that you entrust to us to send. 


The shortbread, tea cookies, and tea snacks available to add to our tea bouquets are evaluated for taste, durability for shipping, and pairing with our tea flavors.

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