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Brewing Iced Tea

Type of Tea

While any tea bag can be used to create an iced tea version, there are tea varieties that are more enjoyable as an iced tea. Just as with hot brewing, it is important to follow steeping time recommendations for the tea being brewed.

Tea Strength

For iced tea, it is recommended to use twice as much tea as you normally would. This will make sure your iced tea is bold in flavor. In general, one tea bag is used for every 6-8 ounces of water.


Make sure to fully chill your iced tea before enjoying as the flavors will change and improve as they cool. Adequately chilling your tea before serving will also ensure your tea does not become diluted from melting ice cubes.

Sweet Tea

If you are planning on sweetening your tea, add your sugar or sweetener while the tea is still hot. For traditional southern sweet tea 1-2 cups of sugar is dissolved into 1 gallon of tea.


Iced tea is made using the traditional hot brew method. On the other hand, cold brew tea is brewed with cold water and may take several hours to achieve the desired strength of an iced tea. Teas made by cold-brew are chemically different than their hot tea counterparts and may taste sweeter and lighter than the same tea brewed hot.

Sun Tea

Sun tea is an iced tea that is steeped using the heat of the sun instead of boiling water. It is typically made with black tea, but can also easily be made with green tea or herbal teas. Steep time will depend on the heat of the day, the strength of the sun and the desired strength of the tea.

Ice Tea
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