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Brewing Hot Tea

Brew Time

Oversteeping tea leads to a bitter cup. Therefore, it is important to follow the steep time recommendations on the tea package. Steep times vary based on ingredients but a good rule of thumb is 4 minutes. The time tea leaves are steeped affects their antioxidant properties and this varies by tea type.


Steeping temperature should also be considered for ideal brewing. Black teas and herbal teas perform well with boiling water. However, green tea, white tea and oolong teas are more delicate and taste best when brewed at a slightly cooler temperature. For more on brewing temperatures click here.


To truly enjoy only the teas natural flavors it is best to always use filtered water when making tea. It is also important to consider the ratio of water to tea. It is recommended to use 6-8 oz of water for one teabag. The less water used, the stronger the tea will taste.

To Squeeze Or Not To Squeeze?

Some tea drinkers prefer to squeeze their tea bags at the end of steeping to remove access water. However, it is recommended to avoid squeezing them during the steeping process, as this can lead to bitterness.

How Do You Take Your Tea?

Adding milk or sugar to tea is a matter of personal choice, though there is some debate about what is the proper way. Many tea connoisseurs will argue that tea should never include milk or sugar. Others will turn up their noses at the thought of honey. While others consider a splash of lemon a must. By choosing to not add anything to your tea you can simply enjoy your tea "black".

Tea Set
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